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An Update From Danny Janes

An Update From Danny Janes

Club Admin5 Jun - 19:07
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A few weeks on from his last update, Danny Janes has wanted to keep in touch with those that are following the clubs progress with keen interest.

Good evening all,

I appreciate it's been a few weeks now since there was any update from myself besides confirming my Management Team.

With that, I believe we've brought the right people into the club to really allow, not just the First Team, but the whole football club to progress.

On the playing front I appreciate that all we've been able to announce so far is departures, of which of course we are disappointed to lose such big players but we as a club cannot stand in their way of them progressing and we wish them well and we admire any player who wants to play as high as they can. They know the door will be open for them at Pershore Town should things not go as planned.

In terms of incomings, we are working really hard. Myself and Tom are extremely busy both on our phones and making a huge effort to meet players in person. We have held numerous meetings over the last few weeks, discussing our project this season and ensuring that potential players understand what we expect.

We've had a number that have committed and whilst of course we trust them, we'd rather be announcing players once the paperwork is confirmed which isn't until July. Those players who have committed have made the right decision, they want the best environment to play their football and to play for a club who has fantastic ambition, that is us.

Clubs announcing players now, unless they're on contract, run the risk of players making u-turns, we see that every season of course.

Rest assured our aims and targets haven't changed and we are more than confident what is put out on a weekly basis will be more than strong enough to tick off those targets.

We return for Pre-Season on the 22nd June, some will see that as early, I know some clubs have returned already or are doing so imminently. I'm excited to get back to it, put out stamp on the principles and a huge emphasis on our style. We see Pre-Season as a crucial time to bring the squad together, to challenge players and to collectively buy-in to what we want to achieve this season. I am looking forward to the contact time with the Staff and the Players.

Please bare with us, please don't think we are taking time off, that doesn't happen with us.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon down at Pershore Town where we will be enjoying a lot more success together. I'm also looking forward to the Junior Presentations this Saturday as we celebrate the achievements of our fantastic Junior section.

Take Care,
Danny Janes.

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